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Monday, January 23, 2012

Help Wanted - A True Servant Leader

                                  "For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro
                                   throughout the earth that He may strongly
                                   support those whose heart is completely His..."
                                                                       - 2 Corinthians 16:9

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Dear Fellow Americans:

What makes you proud to be an American? The answer to that question is in all of our hearts. To some it is our enduring freedoms that allow us to live our life the way we choose. To others, it is the beautiful scenery that surrounds us, from coast to coast. To many, it is the dream of a new life, a chance to become successful. But one thing we all take pride in…. this is our country we cherish and believe in!

Our country has had shining moments of victory, but also great times of sadness. We’ve been challenged from the outside, and crippled from within. But her people are unique, unlike any other, for when darkness strikes us down in despair, we join together as one, and rise up to fight with all our might. That moment is now my friends, our nation has come under attack by an evil agenda out to destroy the very core of what America stands – “…life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Many people have become frustrated with the current condition of our nation, struggling just to make ends meet. Those who have faithfully toiled for years, with hopes of providing a better future for their family, suddenly find themselves out of work, unable to feed and provide a home for their loved ones. While those in office continue to rise in their riches, capitalizing on our misfortune, the values and traditions we cherish have been viciously mocked, spit upon by those who claim power over us. They insist we are too foolish to make our decisions or choices – they must do it for us. They have weakened our position in the world, attempting to remove our defense, and undermine our influence. But one thing they’ll never be able to take away – our spirit!

One voice, willing to stand up and speak out can become a million strong heard ‘round the world. Never underestimate the power of the people! The passion of Americans is what helped form many grassroots organizations, in hopes of restoring our county to glory. But lately, our voice has become a whisper in society, silenced by the overwhelming discouragement of this election’s current choices for candidates. None of them seem truly interested in our efforts, nor are willing to publicly take a stand and defend our cause. Sure they tout our name here and there for the purpose of financial support, but their main focus is apparent – the chance of becoming the leader of the most exceptional nation in the world. Their past wreaks of deceit and corruption, while their promises of future hope seem nothing more than campaign slogans and sound bytes. How can we expect them to respect and honor our goals for the future, if they aren’t willing to risk their reputation and popularity in the present? Isn’t it time we stopped letting politicos and the intelligentsia tell us what to do, and allow regular tax-paying, hardworking folk to choose our President – not the rich corrupt establishment?

Our time has come… but who is willing to fight for us? We believe there is such a one who espouses the values and principles we are desperately fighting to defend. Someone who truly understands what it means to be an American, and has devoted their entire life to this cause. They are not seeking the office for the purpose of fame, popularity, or riches. They are not spending money to get your attention, to buy your vote… while others go hungry, lose their jobs, even their homes. We need…

*Someone with a proven record of reform, who stood up to crony capitalism when no one dared to do so… and won!

*Someone who believes in fiscal responsibility, whose efforts attributed to a triple A credit rating in their state!

*Someone who regards our Constitution with great honor, and understands our government is limited by such.

*Someone determined to cut government spending,
…putting money back into the hands of it’s citizens not lining the pockets of corporate campaign donors.

*Someone who will fight for free market economics, allow U.S. businesses to grow and expand on their own merits,
….not rely on tax payer’s money to bail them out when greed has overcome their ability to succeed.

*Someone with a past of moral integrity, whose reputation is one we can all be proud of to represent America to the world.

We have found this individual…. we believe in this individual…. and we are willing to do whatever it takes to elect Governor Sarah Palin our next President of the United States of America. Don’t believe the critics, the media, or the pundits when they talk of time frames, deadlines, and say it can’t be done. God has shed His grace on thee, America, and with Him all things are possible. We have the information, the resources, and the ability to take charge of this election and change the course of history before it’s too late. Please come join us, our voice is growing everyday and we need your support. Every single person in this country can make a difference. We all have a gift and if we are willing to dedicate it to country, for the sake of our children and future generations, by God’s grace we will have the victory! Our parents, and their parents, were willing to sacrifice their life for our freedom. Let us not put their efforts to shame, let it not be in vain. Let us stand together, one nation under God, and become that one voice to save America!


Author of "Dear Fellow Americans" - Emylene Roth

Friday, January 20, 2012

White House's Overblown Courage and Uncommon Conceit

                 "Lift not up your horn on high: speak not with a stiff neck.
                   For promotion cometh not from the east, nor from the west,
                   nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down
                   one, and setteth up another.    - Psalm 75:5 - 7 KJV
In a recent TV interview, President Obama's chief campaign strategist David Axelrod did his best in talking up his boss' national security portfolio for making a "very courageous decision" - ordering the mission to take out Osama Bin Laden.

Sorry to burst Mr. Axelrod's bubble but ordering to kill the Al-Qaeda leader is not the most courageous thing for a president to do. It is called "Doing Your Job as Commander-in-Chief." Courage belongs to the Navy SEAL team who carried out the mission, came face-to-face with America's enemy #1 and pulled the trigger.
Mr. Axelrod even questioned if Mitt Romney, a current Republican presidential candidate, would have made the same brave decision. The question was purely hypothetical so we do not know the exact answer to that. What we do know was that, during a 2008 Democratic presidential debate, then-Senator Obama was asked what he would do if two American cities were hit simultaneously by terrorists. His response was "the first thing we'd have to do is to make sure we have an effective emergency response."  That was a CITY MAYOR'S response, not exactly the first one that a courageous president would make. One thing for sure, President Obama benefitted a lot from the national security policies laid out by his predecessor. Admitting so would be a brave thing to do.

President Obama and his team like to toot their horn on this issue, doing their victory lap while the real heroes remain nameless and faceless. But Americans are smart enough to not see on President Obama a face of courage, just plain CONCEIT.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let Romney Win All Four Early Primary States

                "The lot is cast into the lap; but its every decision is of the Lord."
                                                                                   - Proverbs 16:33 KJV

Mitt Romney has always been and still is very much distrusted by the Republican base but looking at the results of Iowa and NH, Mitt Romney proved that his network of support from the establishment and his endorsers is wide and deep. This is the same network that could deliver to him victories in SC and FL.  But a sure winner in the establishment's minds is far from a strong nominee that the base wants to face-off with Obama. Romney's record is a bottomless-pit treasure trove for the Dems and the media . How much more spinning can he add to his flipflops and inauthenticity before the left turns his candiday into a full-blown mockery?

For the good of the country, Republicans should just let Romney win all four early caucus/primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida).

If Romney steamrolls his rivals in all four early states, it will give him a tremendous momentum that will be impossible for the other candidates to stop. It also solidifies his "inevitable" standing. Such a scenario speeds up two things to happen: (1) panic sets in and the earnest search to enlist a winning altenative to Romney begins, and (2) those in the sidelines or are being eyed as late-entrants will have to make their decision to either endorse Romney or get into the race themselves.

It is already Code Red for the GOP. The party is squandering its perfect chance to unseat an unpopular and incompetent incumbent yet the establishment is thrusting in our faces a chameleon presumptive nominee who can't even win over the base. Mitt Romney's weak and flawed character and record do not stand a chance  against the Democrats' Alinsky-rules of engagement. It is that simple. Romney is not the man to beat Barack Obama. Neither are the other current candidates. The man to take Obama to the mat is a woman, the same woman who recently stated that it isn't too late to jump into the race, the same woman who speaks articulately and truthfully of issues and policies in a manner that is unaffected by party affiliation. That woman is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The contrast between Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney (and the other non-Romneys) could not be more stark. She unifies all the issues that are important to the voters and our country and presents a common sense vision on how to put America back on the right track. Her words are credible because she has a consistent and solid track record to back them up. Whether it is repealing Obamacare without apologies nor exceptions, job creations and fiscal restraints, fighting corruption, energy development, respecting the Constitution, protecting the unborn and defending the 2nd Amendment, she has never wavered her stance on these matters because she never loses sight of the goal: serving the interests of We the People.

If Romney wins all four early states, America then awaits Governor Palin's next move. Would she endorse or would she throw her hat in the ring? A major announcement from her in February would give clarity and direction to her supporters still pining for her to be part of this election process.

If she endorses, her supporters will have to decide whether to follow her lead or not. I, for one, will be casting a protest vote and write her in. I live in a hopelessly, deeply blue state full of numbskulls oblivious to the high unemployment rate, the national $15 trillion debt and the President's hypocrisies. Voting my conscience will be an easy decision for me.

If she decides to run, quite simply, it's Game On!

Jumping into the race in early February will be the perfect time to do so. After the Florida primary on January 31, there would still be roughly 31 primaries and caucuses (including the territories') with filing deadlines that have not yet passed or with no filing deadlines at all. Delegate-rich states will still be in play (Texas - March 6, New York and Pennsylvania - April 24 and California - June 5, to name a few). Sarah Palin could immediately jump in in the caucuses where write-ins are usually allowed. (Write-in rules, it is important to note, are not created equal. If a candidate's name is not on the ballot and must pursue a write-in campaign, some states require that they file for candidacy for their write-in votes to be counted. In some states, candidates do not have to do anything for the write-in votes to count.). Getting in in February will give her enough time to win enough delegates to make it to the convention.

A four-state win by Romney only garners him a total of 95 delegates (IO - 13, NH - 7, SC - 25, FL - 50) which is only 8% of the needed majority of 1,142 delegates to bag the nomination. As clearly laid-out by Larry Sabato, by virtue of a much stretched-out Republican primary/caucus calendar, only 15% of the total 2,282 delegates would have been awarded before Super Tuesday (March 6). A brokered convention, this election cycle, is a realistic possibility rather than just wishful thinking talk in the shadows. It's a long slog to the convention, which could be one reason why the other candidates  might want to drag their campaigns on to a few more states.

Whether or not these active candidates rack up enough delegates to earn a spot at the convention, it does not change the fact that none of them has the resources, the background nor the fortitude to take the battle to Obama. As soon as the concerted attacks from the left begin, these candidates will fold. Eugene Robinson and Alan Colmes just recently showed us a preview of the sorts of attacks that the left would unleash on the eventual GOP nominee. When even dead babies are used in dirty political attacks, there simply is no line too decent nor sacred for the left to cross. The Republican Party is kidding itself, and risking the country's future,  to trust a "good enough" or "acceptable" GOP nominee to take on the Democratic machine.  Even Romney's personal wealth is chump change compared to the president's trillion-dollar war chest. There is only one ANTIDOTE to the Democrats' money might that only Sarah Palin has the proven power to bring into this contest - an enthusiastic base. It will be Obama's Money versus People Power. Only Sarah Palin has the charisma and energy that stir the most passionate support of the GOP base and the Tea Party. Her mere presence was all that was needed for 8,000 - 10,000 people to brave the blustery weather in the middle of a Nevada desert. Romney in his biggest crowd yet drew about 600. A fire in the belly, the ability to speak for the masses, her genius to turn the corrupt mainstream media on its head, these are traits of a fighter that the voters want to fight for them and fight alongside with. No amount of money could buy the genuine zeal and energy that Sarah Palin's supporters hold for her.

Florida primary, January 31st. For the non-Romneys (Gingrich, Santorum, Paul and Perry), this day will determine whether they pack up their bags and go home or chug along. For Sarah Palin's supporters this might be the day when the real battle begins.