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Monday, April 16, 2012

Palin vs. Obama: A Stark Contrast

                      "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a
                     companion of fools suffers harm." - Proverbs 13:30

Just as historic as our Founding fathers laid out the foundations of our country’s national identity, the 2012 election will shape America’s future and its influence in the world stage.  For the past three years that both Governor Palin and President Obama have been in the public limelight, the stark contrast between the two most defining political figures in our time, in their visions for America, their words and records, could not have been more glaring.


Palin:   She reined in wasteful spending and gave Alaska a surplus of $14B, earning the last frontier state a Triple A credit rating. She  balanced three budgets, By using her line-item veto power, she cut waste and vetoed spending by half a billion dollars, the largest in Alaska’s history. She reduced spending in her FY 2010 budget by 9.5% ($10,570,000,000 vs. her predecessor’s FY 2007 budget of $11,697,400,000). That was a savings of $1,127,400,000!  

Obama: His administration oversaw a credit rating downgrade for the first time in history – not once but twice!   He  has added $4.939T to our national debt since he took office. In comparison, although it is nothing to be proud of either, former President George W. Bush incurred $4.899 trillion of debt during the two terms of his presidency.  Obama promised to cut deficit in half by the end of his first term. The US deficit in fiscal year 2011 is $1.299 trillion. Not only that it is nowhere near half the $1.3 trillion deficit that he inherited, he made no honest attempt to chip a dent off it. His administration has also missed the budget deadline for three out his four years in office. His budget garnered  not a single vote (not even from his own Democratic Party) for two years in a row. The last time the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009.  


Palin: Puts the people’s interest before her own political career. She took on the corrupt system and signed the most sweeping ethics reform in Alaska that makes it a crime for lawmakers to trade votes for campaign contributions. Before she was governor, during her tenure at the AOGCC, she brought to the forefront the ethical lapses and conflict of interests of, among others, her fellow Commissioner Rudy Ruedrich who was also serving at the same time as chairman of Alaska Republican Party. Unwilling to be part of the "Corrupt Bastards' Club", she resigned from AOGCC and blew the whistle on the corruptions of her colleagues, knowing fully well that she was going against the deeply entrenched GOP establishment. In the end, the FBI investigations resulted in arrests and jail times for some public officials and with Mr. Ruedrich paying the state's largest fine for ethics violation.

Obama: Pay-to-play is the trademark of the Obama presidency.  We see this as he rewards his campaign donors and friends with government grants and bailout. Solyndra. LightSquared.   Auto bailout. Healthcare waivers. These are beneficiaries of being bundlers to Obama’s campaign and payback to the solid support of unions and special interests. He talks tough about the corrupt Wall Street yet Americans have not seen  a single "greedy fat cat", as he likes to call those who were responsible for our country's financial meltdown, be brought to justice. Yet these are the same people who grace this administration's fundraising events, donating big bucks to his $1B reelection war chest.


Palin.  Alaska Gas Inducement Act (AGIA). Gov. Palin successfully negotiated  an alliance of two private oil companies and started a long-stalled project to build a natural gas pipeline that would supply trillions of cubic feet of natural gas from Alaska to Lower 48, leading the country towards energy independence. She also took to court ExxonMobil for sitting on their leases to develop reserves at Point Thompson on the North Slope. She won and after decades of minimal activity, drilling for oil and natural gas at Pt. Thompson began. She signed into law Alaska’s Clear and equitable Share (ACES) that  “increased state taxes on oil profits on a graduated scale, so that the state's share would go up even more when oil prices rise. Oil company profits are taxed at a 25% base rate, up from the previous 22.5%. The tax rate rises 0.2% for each dollar the price of oil exceeds $52 per barrel” (USA TODAY, Ken Dilanian, 9/12/2008). This ensures that the Alaskans, the owners of the state’s natural resources as proclaimed in the state’s Constitutions, get a clear and equitable share of oil profits.  

Obama: "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as  Obamacare, which the president signed in March 2010. The centerpiece of this law is the individual mandate which requires private citizens to purchase their own health insurance, or otherwise be forced to pay fines. The constitutionality of this mandate is now being argued at the Supreme Court. This law is riddled with accounting tricks and is a complete package of faulty and broken promises.  In its two year anniversary, the CBO now reports that Obamacare costs twice than what the White House claimed ($1.76 trillion not $940 billion as Obama promised). Premiums will increase for the insured, costs will be controlled by rationing healthcare and not only that citizens cannot keep the doctors they want, medical decisions will be made not by doctors but by presidential appointees, or a death panel, as Governor Palin accurately called it.


Palin: Peace through strength, as best exemplified by Ronald Reagan, guides her views on foreign policy and national security. That requires a strong military, standing by and defending our allies like Israel and  supporting democratic nations around the world.

Obama: Appeasement, as best exemplified by Jimmy Carter guides the president’s foreign policy and national security. This is what takes the world’s most powerful man around the globe bowing to other nation’s heads of state, extending his hand of friendship to dictators like Hugo Chavez, meeting with leaders of Muslim Brotherhood (which has ties to terror group Hamas)  at the White House while treating our closest ally Israel with  contempt and disrespect. President Obama has also shown that our national security interestsin Russia are flexible enough that it could wait for his attention until after his reelection bid.


Palin: “Drill, Baby, Drill” and “all of the above approach” are central to Gov. Palin’s energy policy which is linked to our national security and economic prosperity. She believes that we must pursue renewable and green energy sources but must continue to develop and utilize our natural reserves to get us from point A to point B. She fights for energy development and independence that will free us from relying on foreign countries that do not have our best interests at heart and  those countries that support terrorist activities to do us and our allies harm.  She has advocated opening up ANWR. Drilling on 8% of ANWR alone is projected to create up to 735,000 jobs, the multiplier effect of which on our economy is just enormous. America is blessed with abundant natural resources which the federal government should not lock up for political reasons.

Obama: The President’s energy policy is heavy on investing in electric cars, bullet trains,  solar panels and other green industries. So far, his experiments are not yielding very optimistic reports. The taxpayer-subsidized Chevy Volt caught fire due to faulty battery and GM had to halt production and lay off workers. The construction of high speed trains  in economically-bankrupt California is now estimated to cost $98.5 billion, twice its previous projected cost. Solyndra, another taxpayer-subsidized solar panel manufacturing company, has closed its doors and  is now embroiled in scandal linked to the President’s political donors and supporters.  Obama’s energy policy would have been more authentic if it weren’t rooted on paying back and appeasing his political backers. He has so far refused to issue permits for drilling and would not approve the Keystone pipeline to satisfy his environmentalist friends.


Palin: Looks to our Constitution as the ultimate compass in governing.  As governor, when a bill that prohibits domestic partnership rights to same-sex couples came to her desk, she vetoed it. Her Republican colleagues lambasted her for it but the State Court had ruled it unconstitutional. Although homosexual marriage is against her Christian faith, she was true and firm in her oath to uphold her State Constitution. For Governor Palin, the Bible is to her personal life as the Constitution is for the State affairs.

Obama: Sees the Constitution as a living document subject to change according to his whim and his political convenience. He has shown disregard to the three branches of government created by the Constitution as a system of checks and balances. He has recently called the Supreme Court judges as a “group of unelected people” in an attempt to intimidate them into not overturning Obamacare. He also governs by fiat, openly declaring that he will act alone and not wait for the Congress to pass his bills and proposals.


Palin: Unequivocally pro-life whose views have been tested in her own personal life. When pregnant with her fifth child, Sarah Palin knew that her baby was going to be born with Down syndrome. Yet she refused to do what   90% of pregnant mothers given a Down syndrome diagnosis do and brought the baby into this world.  

Obama : He is the most- pro-abortion president in our nation’s history. As an Illinois senator, Obama opposed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a bill that would require that normal medical care be given to an infant that somehow managed to show signs of life after an unsuccessful abortion (thereby making it a born alive infant ). The bill was meant to prevent “infanticide”, the gruesome practice of infants born of failed abortions being left to die.  Sen. Obama declared that such bill would be nothing but a backdoor attack to women's legal rights to abortion.


Palin: Evangelical Christian  whose strong faith in God was instilled at an early age by her mother, Sally Heath. She grew up attending Wasilla Assembly of God; at the age of 12, she decided to dedicate herself to God. She led her high school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Obama: A faithful follower of  Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years, a “black liberation theology” church formerly led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright who is famous for his “G** damn America” remark. Obama professes to be a Christian yet since becoming president, he has developed the habit of omitting the word "Creator" when quoting the Declaration of Independence. In a speech in Indonesia, he replaced America's motto, "In God We Trust" with "E pluribus unum". His 2010 Easter statement reached out to the Jews, Muslims, Hindus and people of no faith yet there was no mention of Jesus at all - striking especially in this all-encompassing Christian day of celebration. Lately, though, the First family has been seen going to Sunday masses, followed around by dutiful photographers. It’s election year, so today Barack Obama is a practicing Christian.


Palin:  Sold the governor’s jet purchased by his predecessor as it is emblematic of unnecessary financial burden to the taxpayers and opted to drive to and from work.

Obama: Had no opposition to his wife’s taking a separate flight on the way to the family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. The President arrived FOUR hours later at the same destination with the First Dog, Bo. The First lady has also taken numerous personal vacations, sometimes sans the President, unnecessarily burdening the taxpayers with flight costs and security details in times of recession and economic downturn.


Palin: Refudiate -  verb used loosely to mean “reject [origin — blend of refute and repudiate]. Named by the New Oxford American Dictionary as 2010’s Word of the Year; According to the Oxford University blog, "From a strictly lexical interpretation of the different contexts in which Palin has used 'refudiate,' we have concluded that neither 'refute' nor 'repudiate' seems consistently precise, and that 'refudiate' more or less stands on its own, suggesting a general sense of reject.”

Obama:  Wee-wee’d up - meaning ???

Friday, April 13, 2012

If You Want Palin at the Convention, Throw Newt a Lifeline

                       "[The LORD says,] "I will instruct you. I will teach you
                         the way that you should go. I will advise you as my
                                   eyes watch over you." - Psalm 32:8  

If you want Sarah Palin at the Convention, we must throw Newt Gingrich a lifeline.

Some in Palin's loyal base have grown weary that she is not giving any directions or hints of her plans. She appears on TV, talks about letting the process work and letting the vetting continue, always propping up Newt.

Maybe that's been her message to her supporters all along. PROP UP NEWT so Romney doesn't reach the magic number 1,144, which LEADS TO A BROKERED CONVENTION. She isn't just playing political analyst when she's saying these things. She's been saying these things since South Carolina. Perhaps we're just not listening close enough. Perhaps this is what she wants us to do. Help Newt to deny Romney the needed delegates.

We all know that Gingrich's and Paul's strategies are one and the same: deny Romney the majority of delegates so they can fight it out in the convention (it helps, too, that 13 states and territories do not bind their convention delegates, even on the first ballot*). My first instinct is, when  Santorum was still in the race and was second-place in the delegate count, we should push for him but EVER SINCE SOUTH CAROLINA, GOV. PALIN SEEMS TO BE SPECIFICALLY BOOSTING NEWT, even going as far as acknowledging publicly - which she didn't have to do - that she voted for him in Alaska. Please do not ask me to defend Newt's record. I can't and I won't (I'm not even a Republican) but there's got to be a reason/s that we do not know about why Sarah seems to lean more towards Newt than the rest. I could only guess that (1) Newt balanced the budget (that's debatable but that's the "media-based reality") and balanced budget is what the Tea Party is about. Sarah can defend Newt to the Tea Party on that ground, and (2) She truly believes that Newt is the most conservative among the four. Nancy Reagan , after all, said that her husband had passed the torch of Reagan legacies to Mr. Gingrich.

So if we want to follow her lead, we need to help Newt Gingrich get to the convention.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE POINT OF THIS SUGGESTION OF THROWING NEWT A LIFELINE IS NOT TO MAKE HIM WIN BUT TO OPEN THE CONVENTION FLOOR FOR CONTEST. The point is to take away as many votes from Romney as possible, whether in a winner-take-all or proportional state. (It is inconceivable, anyway, for Gingrich to win the primary race outright given his ranking in the delegate count.)

Newt has also recently stated that a "brand new candidate" could emerge in the convention. Could we count on him to back Gov. Palin when it comes to a brokered convention? Yes or no, if Romney does not close the deal, it doesn't matter because everybody starts technically with zero delegates.

The GOP establishment is feeding the base once more with a nominee who  does not represent nor instinctively possess the conservatives values and principles that define the Republican Party. This primary process is still playing out. We still have time to bring a TRUE CONSERVATIVE choice at the convention. Only a true conservative with a proven track record can turn out the base, defeat  President Obama and get America back on the right track. That true conservative is Sarah Palin.

*13 States and territories that do not bind their convention delegates, even on the first ballotAmerican Samoa, Colorado, Guam, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virgin Islands, and Wyoming.

Monday, April 9, 2012

California: Draft Sarah Palin as a Write-In Candidate

                    "And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make
                      it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. This
                      vision is for a future time. It describes the end,
                      and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming,
                      wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will
                      not be delayed."  - Habakkuk 2:2 - 3

The Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement is sponsoring two petitions to draft Sarah Palin in the California primary election and the general election. The group urges you to please consider the petitions seriously, then sign and share the links to your family and friends. Thank you very much.

(Note: There are two petitions in this post: the first one is a California petition to draft her as a write-in candidate in the California primary election in June 5, 2012 while the second, which you will find under the California petition, is a national petition for the general election.)


Dear California GOP Voters,

We, the Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement, are asking you to join us in our efforts to draft former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a write-in candidate in the great state of California. It is not too late. The filing deadline for a write-in candidacy in your state is May 15, 2012. (Note: We are also exploring the feasibility of a national draft for Sarah Palin. Please see details at the end of this letter.)

President Obama in 2008 promised to usher in an era of hope and change. Yet the country's mood right now is gloomy and pessimistic.101% debt-to-GDP ratio. $5 gas price at the pump. High unemployment rate. Unresolved housing crisis. More people on food stamps than ever. Businesses closing shop. If there is a state that understands the pain of these problem, it IS California.

We need a new leadership and "the challenge is not simply to replace Obama in 2012 but the real challenge is who and what we will replace him with." We need someone who will bring sudden and relentless reform to Washington. We need a leader with an incorruptible character and a steel spine to dismantle crony capitalism and the permanent political class in our nation's capital.

Unfortunately, in this year's primary election, the GOP frontrunner is a deeply flawed, weak, flip-flopping, can't-connect-with-a-Joe-six-pack, stiff liberal guy from Massachusetts whose core convictions are as solid as a jello: Mitt Romney. The other candidates, are now dropping hints or are making behind-closed doors deals with the Romney team to save their own political aspirations.

Mitt Romney's campaign has recently confirmed that his "severe conservatism" can be easily shaken and erased like an Etch-A-Sketch. With his shifting positions on issues depending on who he is running against, how can he be trusted to keep his campaign pledge to repeal Obamacare? How much would it take him for him to shake off his election promises when they no longer serve him politically?

Mitt Romney is well ahead in this race, thanks to his six years of non-stop campaigning for the presidency and the unabashed support of the GOP establishment. The Republican Party has been very clear in their support of the former Massachusetts governor, openly advocating voters and delegates to get behind him.

Mitt Romney cannot be trusted. California deserves better. America can do better.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has always said that she does not need a title to make a difference. Last October, she announced that she would not be seeking the GOP nomination for the Presidency in this year's election. Indeed, great leaders are those who are reluctant to serve, who seek neither power nor title to do good. They are CALLED to serve. Just as our past presidents George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower resisted the encouragements for them to run for office, they eventually stepped up to the plate and served our country well and honorably. Please let Sarah Palin know that she is now being CALLED to serve.

This is the most consequential election in our time. Another four years will seal the president’s disastrous fundamental transformation of America. The difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama and their records cannot be starker.

Sarah Palin gave Alaska a surplus of $14B, earning the last frontier state a Triple A credit rating. Barack Obama has added $4.939T to our national debt since he took office and gave us a credit rating downgrade for the first time in history. Sarah Palin took on the corrupt system and signed the most sweeping ethics reform in Alaska. We are yet to see a single "greedy fat cat", as Barack Obama likes to call those who were responsible for our country's financial meltdown, be brought to justice. Yet these are the same people who grace this administration's fundraising events, donating big bucks to his $1B reelection war chest. Sarah Palin believes in American’s work ethic and independent spirit that we are free and able to achieve anything. Barack Obama believes that you cannot succeed without government’s help, thus his policies are to increase more cradle-to-grave , unsustainable, unfunded social programs. Sarah Palin looks to our Constitution as the ultimate compass in governing. Barack Obama sees it as a living document subject to change according to his whim and his political convenience.

California has the power to lift this cloud of malaise and pessimism brought about by President Obama. Do not allow the GOP establishment to stifle your voice. On June 5, 2012, YOU will have the chance to set things right . Make your vote count. Write Sarah Palin in.Please sign our petition HERE and let Sarah Palin know that her leadership is badly needed in Washington. Let her know that you will fight alongside her in putting our country in the right track. Let her know that she has the grassroots support to defeat Barack Obama and his socialist agenda. She's always had our backs, it is time to let her know that we've got hers.

Thank you for your support and please remember, it is not too late.

God Bless America,

Sarah Palin's Earthquake Movement

here is the website for the CALIFORNIA PETITION:



Dear Voters,

We, members of the Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement, ask you to join us in our efforts to draft Sarah Palin as a candidate for President in the general election of 2012. Help us to bring a true common sense constitutional conservative to the White House. Please sign our petition HERE. Let Sarah Palin know that her grassroots supporters are here - strong, ready, willing and able to fight with her, to take our country back.

This is the most crucial and consequential election in our time. In its outcome depends whether we remain the UNITED States of America or a nation divided, a once-super power crippled by its enormous debt and lost of its national identity.

Barack Obama once famously that that “there are no red states or blue states, there is the United States of America. Yet as president, he has proven himself to be master at class warfare, dividing and pitting us against one another. In his America, there is the 1% and the 99%, the greedy fat cats of Wall Street vs. Main Street, the job creators and his union base, even inserting himself in cases that only heighten racial tensions. Without regard to the separation of powers under our Constitution, he calls our Supreme Court justices “unelected group of people” and governs by fiat, circumventing the Congress at every possible turn. Oblivious to his own hypocrisies and clueless in solving the problems our country is facing, he’ll lay blame on everybody but himself to cling to power.

Unfortunately, the GOP is offering an alternative who is as just as full of rhetorics, whose shifting principles and commitment to issues put a weather vane to shame. Mitt Romney will say anything and do anything to win votes. He has run as a liberal, as a moderate and as a conservative, depending on who is running against. His own campaign has confirmed that his “severe conservatism” is built like an Etch-A-Sketch that can easily be shaken and erased to fit what the general election audience would want to hear.

For such a time as this, we need a proven leader whose message and track record of public service are one and the same. We need a strong leader whose words can be trusted. We need a leader who fought corruption and has the scars to prove it. We need a leader who will dismantle crony capitalism and fight the permanent political class head-on. We need a leader who will restore a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Very importantly, we need a charismatic leader and a candidate who can excite the base and bring the voters to the polling booths. THAT LEADER IS GOVERNOR SARAH PALIN.

Please sign our petition and let Governor Palin know that she has the grassroots support to defeat Barack Obama. Please join Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement and request to be added to our group. We will link you up to our state groups where like-minded Americans who are working hard to help Sarah Palin in her mission to restore America’s exceptionalism. Let common sense, civility and the Constitution rule the United States of America again. Sarah Palin will do just that.

God Bless America.

Palin 2012
Sarah Palin’s Earthquake Movement

Here is the website for the NATIONAL PETITION:



(Note: Petition letters were authored by this blogger.)