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Sunday, May 8, 2011

To Be Against Abortion is a Choice, Too

                                          "Thou shalt not kill."   -   Deuteronomy 5:17 KJV

The House of Reperesentatives recently voted to strip funding of Planned Parenthood. Hopes aren't too high, though, that the Democrat-controlled Senate would follow suit. Pro-choice vs. pro-life. Which side are you on? Abortion is one very sad issue. It is sad because caught in the midst of these debates  is something that cannot defend itself - the fetus in a mother's womb.  But what if the fetus could talk? What would it say? "Feel my feet kick, Mom. Someday these feet will run like the wind." "I can open my eyes in here, Mom. Do I have your eyes or Dad's?" If the mother aborts the unborn child, she'll never know the answers.

A pro-lifer's stand is simple enough to state. Life begins at conception, thus an unborn fetus has a right to be born and to live. If a mother does not feel fit to raise the child (whether for reasons of health, finances or the circumstance for which the baby was conceived), there is a viable option of giving up the baby for adoption. Pro-choice advocates , on the other hand, fight for women's reproductive self-determination to decide for herself and her body and the right to have abortion. Affixing "pro-choice" to abortion cause, however,  is misleading. If a woman chooses to carry through the pregnancy and gives birth to a baby, that is a woman's choice, too. Yet pro-choice supporters would fight tooth and nail any pro-lifers who would encourage  a woman to not terminate the pregnancy. For the pro-abortion groups, there is only one ultimate choice - abortion.

By the fifth week of pregnancy, a fetus' heart starts to form and can be detected by an ultrasound. By week 6, it starts to pump blood. To the pro-choice advocates, a pulsating heart does not mean anything. Unless a being is walking and breathing out in this world, it cannot be called a person, thus has no right, legally or otherwise. Both sides have been debating this issue for decades but it's a debate that has only turned up dead bodies (those of  abortion providers, supporters of either side or the multitudes of aborted babies).

It is quite hard to make sense when some people would willingly die for a tree, when politicians would sacrifice farmers' communities to save  a 2-inch fish, or when celebrities would protest KFC's cruel treatment of chickens for keeping them in crowded coops. It is incomprehensible for people to claim that slaughtering of turkeys are too graphic yet they would have no qualms in snuffing an unborn fetus out of a woman's womb.

My family used to raise chickens when I was a young child and I have seen how a chicken journeys from its cage to a chopping block then to my dinner plate.  I remember holding down a chicken by its body while a sibling chopped off its head. While still holding the fowl to let some of the blood drain out, I would feel in my hands its heart pounding fast, then slower and fainter until it beat no more. Its warm body had turned cold. It's dead.

Some people might find the chicken story too graphic. As crude as the comparison may seem, a chicken's death is  nothing compared  to what one can imagine a fetus being aborted goes through. I have never seen a film of an actual abortion. I doubt if there ever is one ( that would be too horrific for a tree-hugger or an animal rights advocate to watch and pro-choice groups might not allow such film to circulate in public - yes, they have such clout!). But I can picture in my mind a fetus being suctioned out of a woman's birth canal - limbs. hair, heart, fingernails and all. The crumbled mess of blood and flesh is stashed away in a trash bag, discarded in a dumpster along with our daily filth, dead and cold. Just like the chicken.

For those who insist that a fetus is a mere blob of cells, I would like them to step forward, and volunteer to hold an aborted fetus' heart in the palm of their hand, watch it contract and expand until it stops pulsating completely. Then tell me, is it life or just a mushy piece of flesh?

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