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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Palinistas Anonymous: 12 Steps to Coming Out of the Closet

                        "Behold, You desire truth in the inner being;
                          make me therefore to know wisdom in my
                          inmost heart.: - Psalm 51:6

You know who you are: when your friends call Sarah Palin crazy names, you force out a quiet grunt or a tiny smile. You listen to them make fun of her son Trig as your blood boils inside in disgust. They tell crude jokes about her and twist her outstanding record of service into a warp of convoluted lies and you stand there speechless then go home screaming at yourself for not saying one word in defense of her. Their arrogance, the vitriol and loathing are just too intimidating. Why would you let yourself be caught helpless in that hateful web?

It's your best-kept secret: you scour the internet for all her interviews, you've ditched MSNBC for FOX. You have "Going Rogue" and "America By Heart" stashed under your bed. AGIA and ACES aren't Greek to you. You followed all the stops of the One Nation bus tour.  You were disgusted when the left blamed her for the Tucson shooting tragedy. You respect her. You admire the fighting "Sarracuda" in her. You root for her.

Admit it: you ARE a Palinista. It is time to come out of the closet. Here are twelve steps (thanks to Al-Anon for inspiration) to help you do just that.

1. 'Fess up. Barack Obama is not what you thought he was. You have been punked. Duped. As president , Obama is a disaster and a failure. But do not fret. You are not alone. 57% of Americans are feeling buyers' remorse. That HopeNChange thing just isn't working for our nation.

2. Wise up and give in. You worry about the direction America is going. We can turn things around. You know that there is a tested and trustworthy leader out there who can get back us on track - Sarah Palin.

3. Come out. This is the day that you openly express your support for her. You've examined her record. You've heard her speeches. Read all her Facebook posts and op-eds. Her words match her actions. You can have peace of mind that you're getting behind an honest politician - a rare breed in Washington.

4. Look around you. "Going Out of Business" signs on stores everywhere. Foreclosures in your neighborhood. Food stamps, even for the military families. Lines in the unemployment offices longer than last month's. Politicians calling Americans terrorists, Nazis, telling them to"go straight to hell", and our post-partisan president hasn't said a word to anyone to watch their words because he himself is a top player of the same crazy name-calling game. This isn't the Change that we had Hoped for in 2008.

5. Own up to it. Supporting Barack Obama in 2008 was a huge mistake. You are not alone on this. We let the media get away with their abdication of their journalistic duties to vet Obama the Candidate. They were his enablers, strongest allies and defenders. They crushed whomever they deemed a threat to his path to the White House - most notably Sarah Palin. Obama gives good speeches, and we let the tingles on our legs to go up to our heads and numb our brains and get trapped in the euphoria that the "planet will soon be healed."  He was the Messiah who would save us from all the ills that that cowboy Texan brought upon us. We ended up, instead, with a Pied Piper leading us to River Weser of decline when we could have gotten behind a frontierswoman who is a tough executive ready to be President even back in 2008 (just ask Huffington Post).

6. Get real. Accept the fact that you, along with 53% of us voters,  goofed big time in 2008 but 2012 gives us another shot. America is the original Comeback Kid. We can, and will, get of out of these national malaise and economic quagmire. There is a path forward and it is carved with two words: Sarah Palin.

7. Join her cause. Be one of her army of Davids. Pres. Obama is a Goliath of an opponent, with his bully pulpit and a 19-month headstart in fundraising for his reelection. No matter how the race shapes up, Sarah Palin will be facing Goliath and his four brothers (Obama's campaign team, the MSM, the Democrats and the entrenched GOP establishment)We need to be united and disciplined in our messages. Common sense solutions. Conservative values. Upholding the Constitution. These are what she stands for. Smaller government, lower taxes, free market, energy independence, strength in peace. These are what she is fighting for. Palin is just one person but with your support, America can roar back to greatness.

8. Make a list. Write down the names of people under three columns; (1) Those who you knew are openly pro-Palin.  (2) those whom you think could be persuaded to cross over to Palin's side and (3) those whom you knew are not on Palin's side.

9. Reach out to people on you list. Spend time with pro-Palin folks to stay motivated and updated so you can contibute constructively to her efforts. Talk to those folks who  have not decided yet who to support in 2012. Share with them Palin's  fight with the "corrupt bastards' club", Alaska's budget surplus, the $.5B of spending that she vetoed. Educate them about the real ANWR. As for those who are Obama supporters, it is no use to argue with them and get in their face. Their minds are probably glued shut to hear of Palin's true and real record. Leave them instead with questions that, hopefully, will get them to think and start second -guessing the charming and golden-tongued man from Chicago. Ask them: Obama blames everything on Bush, so can you name me three Bush screw-ups that Obama has fixed? (Economy? Unemployment? Debt? Obama's still 0-3). Or, after the $800B stimulus, why is the unemployment rate now at 9.1% compared to 7.6% when he first took office? Use the President's own words when you ask questions. Would he call himself "unpatriotic" now that he has surpassed the $4T in debt that Bush borrowed from "Bank of China" (debt that took Bush eight years to accumulate in contrast to Obama's just two and a half years in office)? Or, when he's "leading from behind", who exactly is following him?

10. Do not waver. Your Obama supporter-friends will try to intimidate you to silence. Never again take the media's reports at face value. Be confident that you are on the side of a woman with real-world experience and factual accomplishments, who delivered real-life results. Your faith in her is on solid ground.

11. Stay informed. Study up on her policies and positions on issues. Stay involved. Stay positive. It'll soon be Morning in America again.

12. Spread the message. Now that you've successfully done all eleven steps, go out there and seek out the other Palinistas still hiding in the closet. Help free 'em. Show 'em the way.

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