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Friday, April 13, 2012

If You Want Palin at the Convention, Throw Newt a Lifeline

                       "[The LORD says,] "I will instruct you. I will teach you
                         the way that you should go. I will advise you as my
                                   eyes watch over you." - Psalm 32:8  

If you want Sarah Palin at the Convention, we must throw Newt Gingrich a lifeline.

Some in Palin's loyal base have grown weary that she is not giving any directions or hints of her plans. She appears on TV, talks about letting the process work and letting the vetting continue, always propping up Newt.

Maybe that's been her message to her supporters all along. PROP UP NEWT so Romney doesn't reach the magic number 1,144, which LEADS TO A BROKERED CONVENTION. She isn't just playing political analyst when she's saying these things. She's been saying these things since South Carolina. Perhaps we're just not listening close enough. Perhaps this is what she wants us to do. Help Newt to deny Romney the needed delegates.

We all know that Gingrich's and Paul's strategies are one and the same: deny Romney the majority of delegates so they can fight it out in the convention (it helps, too, that 13 states and territories do not bind their convention delegates, even on the first ballot*). My first instinct is, when  Santorum was still in the race and was second-place in the delegate count, we should push for him but EVER SINCE SOUTH CAROLINA, GOV. PALIN SEEMS TO BE SPECIFICALLY BOOSTING NEWT, even going as far as acknowledging publicly - which she didn't have to do - that she voted for him in Alaska. Please do not ask me to defend Newt's record. I can't and I won't (I'm not even a Republican) but there's got to be a reason/s that we do not know about why Sarah seems to lean more towards Newt than the rest. I could only guess that (1) Newt balanced the budget (that's debatable but that's the "media-based reality") and balanced budget is what the Tea Party is about. Sarah can defend Newt to the Tea Party on that ground, and (2) She truly believes that Newt is the most conservative among the four. Nancy Reagan , after all, said that her husband had passed the torch of Reagan legacies to Mr. Gingrich.

So if we want to follow her lead, we need to help Newt Gingrich get to the convention.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE POINT OF THIS SUGGESTION OF THROWING NEWT A LIFELINE IS NOT TO MAKE HIM WIN BUT TO OPEN THE CONVENTION FLOOR FOR CONTEST. The point is to take away as many votes from Romney as possible, whether in a winner-take-all or proportional state. (It is inconceivable, anyway, for Gingrich to win the primary race outright given his ranking in the delegate count.)

Newt has also recently stated that a "brand new candidate" could emerge in the convention. Could we count on him to back Gov. Palin when it comes to a brokered convention? Yes or no, if Romney does not close the deal, it doesn't matter because everybody starts technically with zero delegates.

The GOP establishment is feeding the base once more with a nominee who  does not represent nor instinctively possess the conservatives values and principles that define the Republican Party. This primary process is still playing out. We still have time to bring a TRUE CONSERVATIVE choice at the convention. Only a true conservative with a proven track record can turn out the base, defeat  President Obama and get America back on the right track. That true conservative is Sarah Palin.

*13 States and territories that do not bind their convention delegates, even on the first ballotAmerican Samoa, Colorado, Guam, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Northern Mariana Islands, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virgin Islands, and Wyoming.

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