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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The MSM, the Lady and Trump

              "Whoever is slack in his work is a brother to him who destroys"
                                                                                         - Proverbs 18:9

Sarah Palin will probably enjoy a little break for a while, or at least not have to take as much darts and arrows as in the past two years.

Donald Trump has let the whole world know that he has a team of investigators in Hawaii digging up every possible piece of President Obama's birth certificate story. Although the birther issue is a distraction from the bigger problems the country is facing, this issue is one big irritant not only to the White House but also to the mainstream media.  Mr. Trump dared touched The One's robe and would  not hesitate to expose all the dirt and mud hidden underneath the garment. Deep-pocketed with a take-no-prisoner attitude, his search for a birth certificate could potentially open up a Pandora's box of past associations with questionable characters, college records, previous speeches given to private donors, the very things that the mainstream media tried very hard to hide from the American public.

Sarah Palin has been on Barack Obama's case (with the exception of the birther issue) since they both came onto national stage but it will not be a big surprise if in the next few weeks or few months that the media would shift the target from the Alaska governor to the NY  billionaire. Mr. Trump's sleuthing pursuits put the spotlight on the journalists who performed their jobs sloppily, who have injected themselves to be pickers of winners-and-losers in an election, by fudging the facts to make their chosen candidate look spotless.  It is indeed a sad state in a democracy when the agents of truth became mouthpieces of a political party's agenda, when our newsmen and newswomen would purposely distort and destroy an opponent's public service record and reputation to shield their own candidate's thin and flimsy resume.

There's a sort of a synergy - uncoordinated by all means - going on right now. While Gov. Palin consistently exposes the dangers and pitfalls of the President's policies and agenda, Mr. Trump seeks to strip the emperor's clothes draped by the media over the inexperienced Illinois Senator to prop up his candidacy. Although I personally believe that Trump does not possess the right experience to be President of the USA, it's courageous of him for trying to bring Barack Obama back down to earth.

Finally, the vetting of a presidential candidate has begun - two and a half years, trillions in national debt too late.

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