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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Of Sarah Palin and White Butterflies

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" - Matthew 7:7
If you see a white butterfly fluttering around Sarah Palin, know that it can only mean one thing: Sarah Louise Heath Palin will be the first female President of the United States of America.

At the height of the Democratic Party primary season in 2008, Hillary Clinton's campaign was taking a beating from the Obama team. I had believed that she would make a better president than the Illinois senator but caucus after caucus, state after state, he was winning. I wanted so much for her to win so I prayed to God to send me a sign - a white butterfly - that in the end she would prevail. She came back for a little bit winning Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. Still, no white butterfly, not even fake ones. Then on June 6, 2008, she conceded and Barack Obama officially clinched the Democratic Party nomination.

The election will soon be upon us and with the country going in the wrong direction, our citizens more divided than ever, I clearly understand now why the white butterflies did not come. I WAS PRAYING FOR THE WRONG WOMAN! The right woman for the job is an Alaskan who has proven herself to be champion of the unborn, an excellent steward of the rich resources God has bestowed on earth, and whose ethical standard in governance is incorruptible - it's Sarah Palin.

But first, why pray for a sign? My husband once told me that if we truly wanted something, ask God for a sign because only He knows if what our hearts' desires are right for us - and that it is the right time to have them. Time and again, this proved to be true. I had once worried whether I'd be hired permanently for a temp job that I held and asked God to send me a sign: a small child to give me flower for no special reason at all. A toddler gave me dandelion - a lowly weed - but a flower nonetheless! I stayed with that company for 5 years. I had once worried whether I'd be able to come to the U.S. and asked God to send me a sign: I wanted to see blue flowers (where I was born and raised in the Philippines, blue flowers of any variety was something that I had never seen grow at all). A sign He certainly sent my way: a group of school children bearing homemade flowers with petals shaped from wire and covered with stretched out stockings painted bright blue!  Sure enough, my visa was approved and I've since been living here in the States for 20+ years. Ask and it shall be given unto you - at a proper time.

Why white butterfly?  I have asked God for a sign, if Sarah Palin would be elected President, to send me (as well as the governor) a white butterfly because I have never seen a real one in all my life. I have learned only recently, though, that a white butterfly could symbolize many things like purity (white color), freedom (wings), a rebirth and a new beginning. In some cultures, it could also mean death (I'd take that, too, if it means an end to the Left's demagoguery and an end to the mainstream media's abject abandonment of their duties). Or, if you live in Australia, it means you're not going to have cabbage for dinner because white butterflies feed and lay their eggs on cabbages. But symbolism or not, white butterflies would deliver a pure and clear message from heaven.

Why Sarah Palin?  One word: Integrity . That is when actions match a person's words. That's what her life, in public office and in private, has been about. That's what sets her apart from the current field of politicians in our country. Sarah Palin often speaks of protecting the unborn as a tenet of her Christian faith. Her son, born with Down syndrome, is testament that those are not empty words. She talks about taking care of the elderly and the disabled. That she did when she signed the  Senior Benefits Program that provides assistance to Alaskan seniors and by increasing funding for special needs students by 175%.  When she calls union members "brothers and sisters", believe it that she cares about their welfare as she added $216 million to the teachers-retirement system. When she promised ethics reform, she did not have any qualms on taking on even those from her own party. Many politicians talk about fiscal responsibility, balancing the budget, limited government, creating jobs, protecting the environment and making tough choices. As city council member, mayor and governor, she walked the walk and left a trail of record to prove it. She can keep her head up high with sincere pride. It is now time to take it on national stage. 

Let us elect a leader with a servant's heart who will lead this nation back to our founding principles and values. We may never know if God is on our side but we must always strive to be on His. Open the book of Gov. Palin's public service record. I believe He will approve. We may come from different backgrounds and different cultures but we are all Americans; One nation under God. Let us not squander the grace our Creator has shed on our country.

So would you join me in prayer, in Jesus' name, today until the election, for a white butterfly to be sent Sarah Palin's way?

Updated May 7, 2012: Who is the Real Sarah Palin? The record of the real Sarah Palin.

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