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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Abortion: It's the Wrong Choice

                 "Children are a gift from the Lord: they are a reward from Him".
                                                                                                  - Psalm 127:3

If it were a Hollywood movie, in the eyes of the Feminists, Sarah Palin would be celebrated as a once-in-a-lifetime heroine who possesses the survival instincts of Lara Croft in the wild, who could sit as comfortably on a Harley or a snowmachine as she would on a chair chatting it up with Oprah. She could fell a caribou in a single shot and deftly dress a moose as she could cuttingly slash the budget of the State of Alaska. She is intelligent, strong and  independent who refudiates the rules of politics and plays by her own rules. A fit mother of five who plays down her good looks with a frumpy up-do, she was as tough as a nail fighting the oil companies in Alaska as she was as sweet as any mother could be holding and smiling at her son, Trig, who was born with Down Syndrome.

That's the part when the Feminists turned off the movie and dropped all the pretense of the bonds that strong women share. Today, feminism equals abortion rights. Sarah Palin knew that her baby had Down syndrome before he was born. She should have done what 90% of pregnant mothers given a Down syndrome diagnosis and not bring the baby to life.

Sarah Palin has always been a vocal pro-life proponent and his son, Trig, is a living proof that she walks the walk. To pro-choice feminists, being pro-life is an unforgivable offense. To the pro-abortion advocates, there is only one choice - abortion. They insist on it.

By the fifth week of pregnancy, a fetus' heart starts to form and can be detected by an ultrasound. By week 6, it starts to pump blood. To the pro-choice advocates, a pulsating heart does not mean anything. Unless a being is walking and breathing out in this world, it cannot be called a person, thus has no right, legally or otherwise. And if it were up to then-Senator Barack Obama, even if a fetus somehow managed to show signs of life after an unsuccessful abortion (thereby making it a "born alive infant"), it still should NOT be entitled to legal protection. In defending his opposition to "Born Alive" bill in the Illinois legistature, Sen. Obama declared that such bill would be nothing but a backdoor attack to women's legal rights to abortion.

When a pregnant woman goes to a Lamaze class, sometimes she is shown a film of an actual childbirth (a natural childbirth or caesarian, or both) to give her confidence when the big moment comes. If the same mother goes to an abortion clinic, one wonders if the doctor would also show her films of different methods of abortion to boost her confidence to carry on with the procedure. Would it be done through dilation of the uterus, suction aspiration, dilation and curretage, dilation and evacuation, saline injection, prostaglandin chemical or hysterotomy section or partial-birth? 

Americans accept the legal fact that abortion is allowed in the case of rape or incest or when the mother's health is in danger. Pro-choice advocates claim that restricting abortion would push helpless pregnant women back to the dark alleys where unlicensed doctors would perform the procedure. This narrative just does not make sense because if a woman has been raped or the pregnancy puts her health in danger, the very place where she needs to be seen is a proper hospital where she could get all the psychological and medical help that she needs, not in  the back alleys with some quack doctor who will disappear after he takes her money.

After the abortion is done and the disintegrated fetus is collected in a bag or a pan, one wonders what happens to it. Does it end up in a dumpster or does it get buried in the ground? When our pet goldfish or pet dog dies, we give it a sad farewell, burying it, saying a prayer over it, telling our children that it will rest in peace in dog or fish heaven.  It is odd that household pets get more respectful (and well-deserved, yes) goodbyes in their passing while an aborted fetus just sits in a bag.

It is ironic how some people would willingly lay down their lives for an old tree so it would not be cut down and would be allowed to live another one hundred years, or how celebrities made loud noise protesting KFC for keeping their chickens in crowded coops, or how politicians allowed communities in California to become ghost towns just to protect 2-inch fish. Yet, when it comes to a fetus in a mother's belly, a "choice" becomes its death sentence.

My family used to raise chickens when I was a young child and I have seen how a chicken journeys from its cage to a chopping block then to my dinner plate.  I remember holding down a chicken by its body while a sibling chopped off its head. While still holding the fowl to let some of the blood drain out, I would feel in my hands its heart pounding fast, then slower and fainter until it beat no more. Its warm body had turned cold. It's dead.

Some people might find the chicken story too graphic. As crude as the comparison may seem, a chicken's death is  nothing compared  to what one can imagine a fetus being aborted goes through. One does not need to see a film of an actual abortion to know that it is a violent procedure. I doubt if there ever is one ( that would be too horrific for a tree-hugger or an animal rights advocate to watch and pro-choice groups might not allow such film to circulate in public).  But I can picture in my mind a fetus being suctioned out of a woman's birth canal - limbs. hair, heart, fingernails and all. The crumbled mess of blood and flesh is stashed away in a trash bag, discarded in a dumpster along with our daily filth, dead and cold. Just like the chicken.

Abortion is a heart-rending decision that a woman in less-than-ideal circumstance might consider. It is a decision that will stay with her forever. But for those advocates who nonchalantly insist that a fetus is a mere blob of cells, I would like them to step forward, and volunteer to hold an aborted fetus' heart in the palm of their hand, watch it contract and expand until it stops pulsating completely. Then pray tell, is it life or just a mushy piece of flesh?

(Note: Parts of this article come from my earlier post titled "To be Against Abortion is a Choice, Too.")

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