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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sarah Palin's Freedom Day

          "Then you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" - John 8:32 NIV

June 10, 2011 is Sarah Palin's Freedom Day. That Friday morning, the State of Alaska released over 24,000 emails of the former governor during her tenure, made possible under a Freedom of Information Act request from the media  back in 2008 after she was announced as John McCain's running mate. The media has since been on a frenzy hoping and looking for a bombshell that will finally deal the final blow to this strong-willed Alaskan.

For two and a half years the media has shackled the Alaska governor with ball and chain of lies and distortions. Every conceivable derogatory label was slapped on this woman without any journalistic and investigative proof. Every word she said was twisted and spun out of context, every move she took was mocked. Fabricated stories, false accusations, defamation, , sexist jokes and every possible  body blow have been the set standard in covering the former governor.  If it's good news about her, you won't hear it on cable news. But if they can somehow twist her words into something dumb or out of this world, it'll surely be the headline. Her excellent speech and well-received visit to India got scant coverage. Her roaring campaign-like speech in Madison, Wisconsin was generally ignored by the major networks.Yet, like leeches clinging to a good log, they keep talking about her because the name Sarah Palin brings viewership and ratings to TV shows and traffic to their websites and blogs.

These emails were supposed to be the knockout punch that should snuff the political daylight out of Sarah Palin. So confident were they that they even enlisted the help of their readers to scour the documents for anything that is of interest and newsworthy that they might someday pursue. Imagine that ... amateurs who would probably do or say anything to get their 15-minute of YouTube fame doing the journalistic responsibilities of a professional media outlet.

So the e-mails were opened up to full view of the America public. But the outcome was not what the Left had hoped for. The Sarah Palin that emerged from these emails was a competent CEO on top of the day-to-day affairs of the state, an intelligent woman who completely understands the technicalities of the oil industry, a fighter who faced off Big Oil to secure  a better deal for her constituents, an official prudent with taxpayers' money, honest and transparent with her administration's activities and a leader concerned about her troops and someone who wants to contribute positively to national security and prosperity. What emerged was a boss who was willing to take the blows and criticisms for her staff, a charming and polite person but is combative when and if needed. The emails showed a multitasking woman balancing family and career just fine, and even revealed a fearful mother seeking strength and reassurance from God in welcoming a baby with special needs, trusting that He only wants the best for her and her family.

Unfiltered, raw, in her own words, the emails showed that she was what she said she was, she did what she said she did in Alaska. No fudging. no sugarcoating. The truth has set Sarah Palin free.

The media's scheme has backfired but don't expect them to play nice or fair anytime soon. Sarah Palin is too good a money machine for them. They will not stop their game but the lies that have been put out there have to be laid to rest. Her emails did just that. The lies need to die so that America can get back to actually debating real issues and real solutions to problems that are bankrupting this country, morally and fiscally. We need to be debating how to lower the 9.1% unemployment rate. We need to loudly question the Democrats in Congress; "where is the budget?" We need to ask the President, "where are the jobs?"

Now in the name of equal opportunity, may we see the emails of then-Senator Barack Obama and start the "vetting" of  a sitting president?

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