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Friday, July 22, 2011

Americans Take a Second Look at Sarah Palin

                                  "Keeping a clear conscience, so that those who
                                   speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ
                                   may be ashamed of their slander." -  1 Peter 3:16 NIV

With the release of the documentary film about Sarah Palin, "The Undefeated", Americans are taking a second look at the Alaska governor - and they like what they see.

"The Undefeated" was directed and produced by Steve Bannon, a filmmaker also known for creating controversial documentaries like "Ground Zero" (which explores the recent financial meltdown) and "Fires From the Heartland: The Awakening of the Conservative Woman". The movie chronicles Sarah Palin's rise in American politics and how the media distorted her exemplary record as government official and public servant.

It was only in late May when the public was first made aware of the existence of "The Undefeated" (Scott Conroy wrote a piece about it). Since then, the film has been shown to sold-out crowds to limited theaters, promoted in such a short time only through word-of-mouth, Facebook, Twitter and other social media. People swarmed the moviehouses, even in the deep blue Orange County of California. And as bold as the woman who inspired the film, The Undefeated will soon be coming to theaters in President Obama's own backyard, Chicago, in July 23rd.

Reading the reviews from the liberal media, you could not tell that the movie was a resounding success  but numbers don't lie.  Only "Harry Potter" had a better opening weekend. Of course, the media talking down anything even remotely related to Gov. Palin is nothing new. After almost three years of relentless attacks, of "reporting" stories about her that are either spun out-of-context or spun completely out-of-thin air, the governor is supposed to be damaged goods by now, stashed away in the dustbin of political history. She is supposed to be down in the mud, a hardened clay covered with layer upon layer of twisted lies and distorted news. Yet, people lined up for hours and even drove from out-of-state to see a movie where Sarah Palin did not even personally appear but could only be heard and seen through footage.

Seeing the positive response of the American people to the movie gives me tremendous hope. It warms my heart that the American people have not given up their ability to think for themselves and make up their minds about this woman from Alaska and not just be herded like helpless sheep into this malicious narrative that the media has created about Sarah Palin. Candidate Obama may have charmed the voters with his lofty rhetoric  in 2008 but they have woken up to the fact that the "Post-American" (whatever that means) persona of Mr. Obama is nothing but a myth. The voters have woken up to the sad and ugly truth about Pres. Obama and now they are seeking the plain truth about Gov. Palin, with wiser minds and open hearts. In droves they went to see "The Undefeated" and stepped out of the theaters filled with hope that there is someone who has a record of real accomplishments, who can very well put America back on the right track again.

The Undefeated may be a story about Sarah Palin. But hers is  the story of America. This is a story of rising up after being knocked down, of never giving up, of never losing faith in the goodness of God and in the common sense wisdom of your fellow citizens. It is about not losing sight of who we are and of our purpose as individual, as a citizen and as a country. This is an exceptional nation, the world's beacon of hope. One president may fiddle with our founding principles and try to fundamentally transform this nation into a socialist one but our characters and values are stronger than this administration's deceitful ways. "The Undefeated" is the essence of the American spirit and NO amount of media distortion can take that away.

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