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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Ditch is Now a Sinkhole

                         "Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take
                           pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to
                           someone else."  - Galatians 6:4 NIV

Like a cigarette that is hard to quit, some habits are simply too hard to kick. Just like President Obama's dislike of  George W. Bush, Obama can't seem to stop blaming the former president for all the wrong things that are happening in his (Obama's) administration.

As a candidate, he often spoke of the ditch that Bush had dug for America and promised to get the country out of it. I was never a fan of the cowboy from Texas  but almost three years into his term, what exactly did W mess up that Barack Obama has fixed?

Our national debt has ballooned to $14.3 trillion, up by $3.674 since President Obama took office. The debate on raising the debt ceiling is still raging on in D.C. at this very moment. The White House's position is akin to asking all American households  to open new credit card accounts so they could keep paying the interests of their already maxed-out credit cards, instead of cutting back on spending to balance their budget. If only the president would be smart enough to follow-through on his 2006 Senate vote  to not raise the debt ceiling because our debt problem is a failure in leadership , then he could proudly claim that he has corrected one thing that George Bush failed on: the budget. Right now,  unemployment stands at 9.2% (up from 7.6% in January 2009) despite the infusion of almost a trillion dollar-stimulus money. The President even laughed off the revelation that those "shovel-ready projects" that would help keep unemployment rate below 8% were not "shovel-ready" after all. If the stimulus bill had not limited these infrastructure jobs to unionized companies only, these shovel-ready projects would probably have helped stimulate the jobs market. In his June 29 press conference, the only fresh idea that he spoke of was the need for a new patent reform. In a 9.2% unemployment environment, a more stream-lined patent reform would surely get half the people in the unemployment line all excited and fired up about the future. The patent reform sure conveys this administration's sense of urgency of creating more jobs and people actually earning a living again.

Indeed, the ditch that he inherited has turned into a giant sinkhole. Even President Obama's pet green vehicle, the electric Volt,  produced by cash-strapped GM given a jolt of second life by taxpayers' money, could not pull us out of the ditch. Certain to also not help is the big-budgeted bullet train that is like a giant ball coming at us high-speed Wrecking The Future.

If there is one thing that President Obama proved he can do very, very well, that is DIGGING. If the American voters do not wise up in 2012 and elect somebody else to take that shovel away from him, the sink hole that we're in will soon turn into a black hole of no return.

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