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Friday, December 30, 2011

If You Were to Caucus for Sarah Palin, What Would You Say?

                      "Rise up; this matter is in your hands. We will support you,
                              so take courage and do it." - Ezra 10:4 NIV

To face-off with your politically passionate neighbors is nerve-racking enough - and if your preferred candidate is not even on the ballot, your task is even harder. But if you were to caucus for Sarah Palin, what would you say? Here are a few suggestions:

1. She is a fighter, she wins her battles and she delivers results. Sarah Palin fought the Corrupt Bastards's Club in Alaska, exposed their ethics violations and conflicts of interest. The guilty parties actually paid huge fines and served time. Sarah Palin took on Big Oil in Alaska. She took ExxonMobil to court for sitting on their leases for over two decades without developing the oil reserves and won the case for Alaskans. ExxonMobil finally honored their contract and started drilling on Point Thompson. Sarah Palin exposed the death panel provision in Obamacare. Congress begrudgingly removed it from the healthcare bill.  She will fight corruption and crony capitalism in government and she will start at Congress.

2. She is a fiscal conservative. Her FY2010 budget ($10.57B) was over a billion dollars less compared to former Gov. Murkowski's 2007 budget ($11.7B). She vetoed half a billion dollars in spending. She put $5 billion savings  in the state's rainy day fund. Sarah Palin is prudent with taxpayers' money. Send her to Washington and she will rein in spending, cut taxes and ensure our long-term fiscal stability.

3. Honesty and Integrity. You can trust her words. The media and the left have for three years manufactured lies about her. They fought to have  her e-mails released to public, hoping to find troves of scandalous materials. Instead, they revealed what she had been saying all along; that she fought corruption, stared down Big Oil, vetoed unnecessary spending, slashed the budget . What the emails revealed was a hands-on executive, who listened to her constituents' concerns, who worked on shrinking the role of government, who understood how to balance energy development and environment protection, a loving mother who puts her trust in God. It revealed a governor very much worthy of an 80% + approval rating from the people she served.

4. The GOP field is hopelessly weak and flawed. We have right now a candidate who owns Romneycare and is a serial flipflopper that makes him untrustworthy. A former speaker who's been in politics since 1978 that he is the embodiment of a permanent political class. A candidate who's foreign policy is so off-the-chart we might as well throw Israel under the bus. A candidate who thinks you are heartless if you do not believe in subsidizing college education for illegal immigrants. A candidate who constantly gets her facts wrong. Sarah Palin has the experience, the track record and the guts to fight, a conservative who shares your values, understands that energy independence is key to economic and national security, and respects the Constitution. She will make government smaller and smarter. She will energize the base. Only she can beat Barack Obama.

5. But she said "no". We do respect her decision to put family first. But the country is in rapid decline. We need a proven leader in the White House who will bring about the "sudden and relentless reform" needed in Washington. She has maintained that it isn't too late for another candidate to jump in. Perhaps, in a few weeks or months, some circumstances in her life would change and she'd then reconsider and run. By doing this write-in campaign now, we're making it easier for her to jump in without putting any stress on her family.

On the other hand, this is politics! Politicians get in and out of races all the time. Declining then reconsidering to run in the end is no different than getting in then ending  a campaign before the first vote is even cast. Tim Pawlenty, Donald Trump, Herman Cain. They all got in and now they're out.

Our nation's history is filled with reluctant leaders. True leaders are CALLED to serve. George Washington just wanted to retire in Mount Vernon but people called on him to serve. He answered the call. Dwight Eisenhower refused repeatedly to run but Americans liked Ike so much that they drafted him. He answered the call and became our 34th President. It happened in 1952. It could happen again in 2012.

(If someone raises the issue that "she quit", here are some counterpoints you could use: Sarah Palin was   barraged with frivolous ethics complaints by the Democrats and their media friends. Is it abuse of power for granting interview in her office? Pres. Obama months ago promoted a $5 raffle dinner for his reelection campaign at the White House. Where is the outrage? Troopergate? Governor or not, if a trooper brother-in-law is verbally abusing and threatening your sister and your family and tasered your nephew, what would you do? The fact is all these complaints, dismissed in the end,  were political witchhunt to bring her political career to end and had  cost Alaska taxpayers $1.9 millions to investigate them. Sarah Palin resigned to spare Alaska further expense and distraction so that Alaska could continue to progress. And progress it did. One year after she left office, Moody's upgraded Alaska's credit rating to Triple A. Proof that her sound economic and fiscal policies rolled on successfully without anymore politically-tainted interruptions.

Lastly, as an Iowan and an American, if you are a farmer, who do you want working in the fields with you? If you are a fisherman, who do you want casting the nets with you? If you are a gun owner, who do you want protecting your rights? If you are a small business owner, who do you want managing the finances for you? If you have to take care of someone with special needs, at home or at work, who do you want advocating for them? If you have a military family member whose life was touched by war, who do you want praying with you?  Romney? Gingrich? Paul? Perry? Bachmann? Santorum?

I believe you'd pick Sarah Palin because SARAH PALIN IS YOU.

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