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Monday, October 17, 2011

America's Greatest Story Yet To Be Told

                "So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen,
                 since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
                                                                                       - 2 Corinthians 4:18

Just like most of Sarah Palin's supporters, I was saddened and deeply disappointed that she would not be a presidential candidate in 2012. As much as I support her decision to put family first, it is a struggle to rally behind a challenger to President Obama because there really  is no one among the GOP candidates who could ever come close to a total package that Sarah Palin is.

As in the past, whenever I felt down and at a loss, I find myself picking up one old familiar source of comfort: the book,  "The Greatest Story Ever Told" by Fulton Oursler. It is the story of Jesus, from His birth to His ministry and finally, to His crucifixion at Calvary. The book was already stained and its covers tattered when I found it at a book sale a long time ago. I have read it a number of times but opening its pages yet again warmed my heart just like the first time. It is an enduring story of love, hope and faith, a comforting validation that for every struggle there is a reason, of gathering strength when you are at your weakest, of finding peace by trusting that in the end good always prevails because God only wants the best for us.

What a parallel it was that Jesus was turned in by His own people because he was a threat to Rome and the religious authorities and Sarah Palin was and is being taken down by the media and the left because she is a threat to the presidency of Barack Obama. Yet, both their messages endure.

I am not, by any means, comparing Jesus to Sarah Palin. Just the thought of it sends chill down my spine. Jesus's life on earth was in fulfillment of the prophecies in the Holy Book to save mankind while Gov. Palin is a mere mortal answering a call of public service. A devout Christian herself, she would be the first to shoot down such a comparison, or even a suggestion of it. It would be wrong to even try.

Even as a former Democrat, I found it rather rich for Barack Obama's supporters to call him the "Messiah", the "Black Jesus" or "God", and outright blaphemous for Mr. Obama and his team to allow and even encourage such adulation. There is only one Messiah and His name is not Barack Obama. 

As bad as the state of affairs in our country right now, I believe that the Obama presidency had to happen because for a long time, our elected officials have forgotten that their duty is to serve their constituents, not their cronies and their own interests. President Obama, through his actions and policies,  has magnified in such a short time all that is wrong in Washington!

These politicians have been twisting and trampling on our laws while they hand out favors and create tax exemptions and loopholes for their friends and political allies.

These politicians have been promising to fight for the middle class, the poor, the elderly and the children as they introduce endless unfunded, unsustainable programs that end up hurting the very people that they professed to help.

These politicians have been raiding the Social Security Trust Fund bankrupt year after year and now we're supposed to applaud the President for his proposal of a payroll tax holiday that would rob funding of the Social Security program?

These politicians have become masters of creating problems so they could propose solutions to problems that we didn't have in the first place. It sure sounded nice to hear that every one has a right to the American Dream and we could all buy and own houses, with low-to-zero downpayment, that we cannot afford in the first place.

These politicians have been preaching political correctness to dictate our national conversations and distract us from the real issues, leaving the electorate more divided and more partisan and the real problems unresolved.

TARP. Stimulus. Cash for Clunkers. Cash for Caulkers. Higher debt ceiling. All made possible by borrowed money from China.  These politicians have been patting their backs for saving the country from Depression while the bills are piled-on high on the backs of the taxpayers.

These politicians have been using the mainstream media as their mouthpieces to demonize those honest public servants who truly want to put our country bak on the right track.

Enough is enough. It is time to make them accountable. As Sarah Palin once said, "There is nothing wrong in America that a good old-fashioned election can't fix!"

The Tea Party has jolted the 2010 elections, forced the issues to the forefront and helped elect representatives who believe in smaller and smarter government. We need to do more in 2012.

We need a government that will allow businesses and the free market to thrive so we could put Americans back to work. We need a government that believes and encourages American's ingenuity and innovation. We need an educational system that is student-centered, teacher-powered, not union-controlled so we could develop a new generation of engineers and doctors and scientists who will be ready to face the modern challenges of the 21st century. We need a government that is fiscally responsible and prudent with the taxpayers' money. We need a government that will lead us to be energy independence so we are beholden to other countries that want to see America reduced from being a superpower.

We need a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

There is an old saying, "We do not know what the future holds. But we do know who holds the future." We do not know how God's plan for us will unfold but we do know that in 2012, We The People will be in charge.

America's greatest story is yet to be told, you'll see.

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