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Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Third Party Run By Sarah Palin May Not Be Too Far-Fetched

                     " ... This is the way, walk ye in it ..." -  Isaiah 30:21 KJV

Former Governor Sarah Palin created a speculation frenzy when, in an interview with the host of "On the Record" Greta Van Susteren, she raised some very telling questions, " Is a title worth it?" and "is a title and a campaign too shackling?" She has always said in the past that one does not need a title to make a difference. Indeed, she is a true example of that and the 2010 elections were proof positive of how one person could influence our national discourse. But when she said that a "title could be shackling", many took it that she would pass up the 2012 presidential contest altogether.

In a blog post "Which Title Doesn't Gov. Palin Need?", C4P's Adrienne Ross questioned whether the title Sarah Palin was referring to was that of "President" or simply the "GOP nominee." She then presented an interesting theory that perhaps the governor was considering a third party run? Ms. Ross'  article created as much of commenters' reactions as the governor's remarks. Given her prominent role in politics, her public writings on national policies heavy on details, quick missives on pertinent issues on the social media, her high-profile bus tours and speeches, a much prolonged decision-making process on whether she'd run or not may seem like a sign of hesitancy. But the possibility of an independent run does make sense and to delay the anouncement of her candidacy may simply be part of a bigger plan. Sarah Palin promised this to be a very unconventional election cycle. Creating a third party or running as independent fits that narrative.

Sarah Palin isn't exactly the Republican Party's most favorite daughter. Her political career is rife with her fights in exposing corruption, even of his own colleagues. The party has strayed too far from its original platform so there really is no use, or need, for her to ask for the establishment's blessing.

Political parties always fear a rogue third party challenge for one big reason - it splits the votes. In the case of 2012, it is almost like handing President Obama a second term by default. This would certainly be the case if Sarah Palin left  the Republican tent and ran as an independent. But if she makes the "right choice" , she could split the votes to HER advantage.

With Sarah Palin competing as an Independent, the GOP nominee will most possibly be Mitt Romney, who with Romneycare and his flip-flopping and authenticity problems, infuriates the conservatives to their wits' ends. The former Massachussetts governor is a favorite of the establishment, the elites  and Wall Street so he'll clinch the nomination but will lose in the general election (because Sarah Palin will split the votes, remember?), thus giving Mr. Obama another four years in the White House. But the president has a lot of problems of his own. An AP-Gfak analysis of polls show him losing support from key groups of voters that propelled him to office in 2008 (whites, women, younger voters, and some liberals) but come November 6, 2012, the biggest bloc of his base, the African-Americans, will be there and pull the lever for him. That is, unless, Gov. Palin decides to make a bold move that will split the votes - to pick a VP running mate who can take away votes from both Obama and Romney. Someone who is BOTH pro-business and black. Someone like Herman Cain (or any other black man or woman with private sector background whom Sarah Palin would  choose to pick). A pro-business running mate bring down votes for a corporate guy that is Mr. Romney. The black community will not abandon the first black president on election day unless the alternative is another brother in the ticket who knows - really knows - how to create jobs.

(Personally, Mr. Cain is not my preferred VP candidate but his positions on issues like the economy, energy independence, abortion, education, among others, mirror those of Sarah Palin's. My personal choice would be a Hispanic running mate with strong and solid background on immigration because of its impact on the economy and national security. But the important thing is to help elect Gov. Palin to the Presidency and as I have no doubt, once she's seated at the Oval Office, she would tackle the issue head-on. Also, not to take anything away from the Hispanic population but by simply going by the numbers, the African-American votes carry more weight when it comes to effecting the result of the election. The Hispanics and Latinos are the larger of the two minority groups but the black community has a bigger percentage of people who are of voting age and are more politically-involved. If Gov. Palin would aim to take as much votes away from Pres. Obama, numbers should be a big factor in her considerations.)

Campaigning for the most powerful job in the free world demands tremendous toughness, mentally and physically. Gov. Palin will not be alone in her quest to the White House. Millions of fed up Americans, tired of same old business-as-usual in Washington, ready for common sense approach to our problems, will be there with her and for her. She already has name recognition and organizations on the ground nationwide and legions of passionate supporters. As soon as she gives the word, those boots on the ground will start marching.

In spite of some of the confusion that her "shackling" remarks created and the delay in announcement, I have never lost, for one moment, confidence that she will make a run for the Presidency, because she knows that she has to be at the top of leadership to bring about meaningful and tangible changes. After two years as a council member in Wasilla, witnessing the good old boys network's  inner workings, she knew there had to be a major shake-up at the City hall if her small town was to progress.  She earned the ire of   Councilman Nick Carney, the same man who convinced her to run for a council seat, when she voted no to a proposed garbage pick-up ordinance - a potential boon to the town's only garbage-removal company which was, incidentally, owned by Mr.Carney. That's why she ran - and won- for mayor. She did clean up the Wasilla city hall, then Juneau as governor of Alaska. Now there's a lot more than just garbage to clean up in Washington. Crony capitalism. Irresponsible debt. Unsustainable spending. Anemic job growth. Obamacare. Class warfare.  Poverty. Immigration. Sarah Palin has to lead. She has the experience, smarts, substance and fortitude to fight for and effect real change. She wouldn't like to see America "shackled" to a fundamental transformation to decline, would she?

Note: Thanks to a reader who has reminded  me that a third party run does not necessarily mean an independent run and vice-versa. The text above has been updated. - NaLa

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  1. God Bless Adrienne Ross. (I know she is blessed, but I just thought I would throw one from me on the heap.)

    As a disciple of Sarah Palin, I believe she is reserving a special place in heaven. I also believe it is women like these that may be the hope for the future of our country.

    Now we have seen what changes our current president has wrought. Soon it will be our pleasure to see the hope these women of God will bring in response to his change.